“What does a man do Walter? A man provides for his family.”

July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Walter White does provide for his family… How he provides though, and the things Walter has to do to keep providing, is the premise to Breaking Bad, one of the two best Television Dramas right now (do not question me).

Breaking Bad starts with Walter White being diagnosed with terminal cancer (not original I know, but stay with me). This leads Walter to use to his only skills, that of a brilliant chemistry teacher to be the best possible Methamphetamine cook and dealer in New Mexico. That is certainly no mean feat.

Breaking Bad follows the journey of Walter White who with the help (most times a hindrance actually) of his one time student and now partner, (frequent meth user too) Jesse Pinkman as they fall ever deeper into a life of crime. We witness the character breakdown of Walter White from a family man into criminal that will do everything and anything to continue providing for his family.

Breaking Bad has just started its 4th season on AMC (channel that brings us Mad Men and The Walking Dead). I won’t spoil the show with any more plot talk because my advice is to start from S01E01. But it gets better with every season.

Walter White is a virtuoso performance by Brian Cranston (father from Malcolm in the Middle… yeah I know. THAT GUY) who has won the leading actor Emmy three years in a row now. The other characters are also incredibly written and acted, his wife, his DEA agent brother-in-law, his amazingly entertaining lawyer Saul Goodman (yes another original… a Jewish lawyer), the several terrifying villains, and of course Jesse Pinkman.


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